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IT SHOW 2010: The Coverage

It’s quite a weird feeling being bumped around like a pinball at the IT SHOW 2010 show grounds. We’re seeing a record number of people here, even though the first two days of the show were on weekdays. Follow us for the good deals and interesting stuff; what you see is what you get!

It’s quite a weird feeling being bumped around like a pinball at the IT SHOW 2010 in Suntec Singapore. We’ve seen a record number of people here over the past days. While we attempt to complete covering the show in one piece, here’s some pictures for your consumption.

Of course, don’t get lost just looking at the pictures, rememeber to head HERE for realtime electronic brochure updates! Map out your targets with our coverage and price guide before you make the trip down over the weekend to snap up the best deals! 

Or, if you ever wondered how the show grounds looked when empty, check out our Preview article HERE. You would be glad to know that the booths appear in a row-by-row order from the front to the back of the hall in the Preview article too.




Starting our long tour from Level 2 (Level 1 being the Canon redemption centre), it’s hard not to notice the large bright orange booth that M1 has.

Some of their broadband offers include: a free HP Mini 210 featuring the latest Intel Atom processor if you take up a Home Broadband 8Mbps + Mobile Broadband 2Mbps combo at $58.36/mth, or the Mobile Broadband 7.2Mbps at $69.30/mth.

Also, if you sign up for the Home Broadband 30Mbps + Mobile Broadband 4Mbps combo at $94.28/mth, you can grab the Fujitsu Lifebook P3010W (available in red or black) at just $188.

If you’re looking for no-frills broadband, home internet starts at $25.20/mth, and mobile at $11.21/mth.

There’s a mini-stage out there right in front of M1’s “booth;” we’re guessing there are some good stuff that are not to be missed! 




Just right opposite M1, we have Singtel (in the ballroom). mio Home plans start from $46.90/mth for 6Mbps broadband, mio TV, and a home line.

Now that Singtel has gotten the rights for the next EPL season, they have lined up two sports packages for soccer fans. The Barclays Premier League 2010/11 Package is priced at $24.61/mth. If you take up the BPL together with ESPN STAR Sports, it’s $26.75/mth (we think this is the obvious better deal).

On the mobile front, choice/lucky numbers are available for new sign-ups. 




Deep inside Level 2, we have Eubiq. For those who don’t know who Eubiq are, they make interesting power delivery solutions.

Forget your boring white power extension strips. These eubiq strips are designed to blend in with your workspace or even your homes. It’s really easy to use: simply plug your device into the eubiq connector first, then insert the connector anywhere along the power strip, and twist. We fell in love with the first generation strips in our hardware testing facilities. The new ones are worth checking out.



Memory World

Further down, we have Memory World showcasing their line of Qnap storage products.

If you’re wondering, they are also the distributor for Transcend memory and storage products.


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