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It seems Hollywood love pirated movies too

The movie industry and their lapdog trade groups, like the MPAA, do their damnedest to paint everyone using BitTorrent as nothing but worthless pirating scum who are trying to destroy the very fabric of our society, or at least the movie industry's pocketbook. So it is pretty hilarious when you find out that those very same companies are also more than happy to pirate movies using BitTorrent.

As we all know the big Hollywood movie companies and their trade group, MPAA, do everything in their power to demonize BitTorrent users as being nothing more than common thieves and that they are totally responsible for the movie industry losing billions of dollars.

They are also the driving force behind the implementation coming this year of the "six strikes" copyright alert plans that is supposed to be used to help 'educate' the public about the dangers of piracy and show them more legitimate sources for their movie needs.

It is this type of hypocrisy that makes this news from TorrentFreak and Scaneye all the more hilarious. You see the results of their investigation show that rather than wanting to stay as far away as they can from BitTorrent, these Hollywood companies are in fact right up there when it comes to sharing movies on the service.

What follows is a series of images of lists of movies available on BitTorrent and the static IP address for the different movie companies. Keep in mind as well that TorrentFreak says that these are just a small fraction of the files being shared – sort of the tip of the iceberg.

First up we have Paramount Pictures:

Next up – Warner Bros.:

Now for Sony Pictures:

Here's a little bit of 20th Century Fox:

And let's finish off with good old Walt Disney:

It's also important to keep in mind as well that even as the movie companies and the MPAA moan and cry to anyone who listen about how much these damn pirates are ruining their business, the fact is that 2012 is going to end up being another record year money-wise for them at the box office.

via TorrentFreak

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