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Is this Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5?

Looks like the rumour mill has been set to run on overdrive mode today, especially now that most people are of the idea that Apple is planning to unveil the elusive successor to the iPhone 4 some time in the early parts of October this year. And apparently, it seems that interest in the Cupertino's upcoming smartphone is not about to subside anytime soon, especially if these leaked photographs of an Apple employee toying around a test model of the aforementioned smartphone is of any indication. But is this really the iPhone 5 we all have been waiting for?

We have posted news about alleged release dates, mockups and even fake knockoffs of Apple's upcoming iPhone 5, but to date no images of the elusive smartphone has yet to make its way out onto the Internet, if only because Apple seems downright determined to ensure that its new smartphone does not suffer a similar fate that befell its predecessor, the iPhone 4.

However, it seems that even the most tightly guarded secret has chinks in its armor, for the rumour mill has claimed that it has managed to secure some photographs (read: blurrycam-style) that reportedly show an Apple employee playing around with a smartphone that seemingly bears little to no resemblance to any of the Cupertino giant's earlier handsets.

According to a report posted by Apple rumour site 9to5mac, the photographs were sent in by an anonymous tipster who claimed that he was able to "get a very good look" at the device which was being used by the alleged Apple employee. The report also claimed that the mysterious device spotted an "almost EVO-like” appearance, while its edges are made of rounded metal like those on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

In addition, the tipster has also claimed that the back is crafted out of either "curved/tapered glass or plastic", but was not able to confirm if the device was indeed an Apple-branded mobile phone, as the employee was holding the phone in such as way that his fingers obscured the area where Apple usually stamps its iconic logo.

More importantly, while 9to5mac has claimed that they are still not certain if the aforementioned device is indeed that of the iPhone 5, the reporter did concede that the smartphone appeared "too thin and flat to be an iPhone 3GS and too rounded to be an iPhone 4". This lends credence to the tipster's speculation that the device we are looking at could actually be the real deal, especially if one takes into account that Apple has confirmed that they do send employees out with pre-release hardware to have them test the device under real-word usage scenarios.

Source: 9to5mac

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