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Is the Galaxy S6 Edge prone to easy, ‘daily’ bending? Not according to Samsung

The company’s “official” three-point bend test shows both the S6 and S6 Edge gracefully handling 80 pounds of pressure applied to their front and back sides.

Galaxy S6 Edge bend test

You didn’t really think Samsung would let extended warranty service provider SquareTrade slander the build quality of the first half-metal/half-glass Galaxy flagships in history without putting up a fight, did you?

Clearly, the perspective of a Bendgate Part 2, this time publicly dishonoring an iPhone rival, was no joking matter for the hardware rulers of the Android ecosystem. And so the Koreans promptly issued a “statement on the smartphone durability test result conducted by SquareTrade”, also sharing a far less destructive video bend experiment of their own.

The clip doesn’t take the “next big things” to their breaking points, as it’s not meant to “satisfy sadistic desires”, but merely demonstrate “Samsung’s mobile devices are designed and tested to endure physical stress – even in extreme situations.”

As such, there’s no reason for the two handhelds to be pushed up to 149 or 110lbf, given “the normal force that generated when a person presses the back pocket is approximately 66lbf.” Of course, Sammy doesn’t stop at 66 pounds precisely, wanting to prove their, erm, heavier fans are free from accidental harm with their precious close by.

Propped up on either end while force is applied in the middle to create three pressure points, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge ride out 79lbf without so much as a scratch or scuff resulting from the burden. By the looks of things, they’d have probably taken another 20 pounds or so before showing signs of abuse, thus falling perfectly in line with SquareTrade’s non-scientific findings.

So, what’s Samsung arguing again? Oh, that it’s hard to break five pencils at once, and similarly, it takes muscles and will power to destroy the iPhone 6/6 Plus “killers.” Yeah, okay, let’s wait and see how the two Androids endure real-life back pocket “stress” and long-term wear and tear. How about it, future GS6 owners, we’ll reconvene in, say, six months and further explore reliability?

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