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Is a thinner Sony Playstation 3 on the way?

Sony has filed paperwork with the FCC that seems to indicate that a new model of PS3 is on the way.

It appears that there may be a new model of PS3 on the horizon. Sony has a habit of redesigning their flagship console every few years, taking advantage of cheaper costs and new efficiencies in manufacturing. If history is anything to go by, the new model will be smaller and cheaper than current models; Sony released a compact, cheap version of the PlayStation 2 at the end of its lifecycle and it appears that they might be doing the same thing here for the PlayStation 3.

Japanese site Pocket News is reporting that Sony has filed paperwork with the FCC, which a perusal of their site confirms, for a new model of the PS3; the model numbers listed in the paperwork are in the CECH-4000 range, as opposed to the current models, numbered CECH-3000. The pictures included with the filing don’t give any indication of size or capabilities, but there have been rumors of a thinner console on the horizon. This filing may indicate that those rumors were true; at the very least, we expect to hear something official from Sony soon.

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