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iPhone users go through withdrawal symptoms

Only if they’re separated from their iPhones.


Apple’s iPhone has one of the most dedicated fan following in the market. There are such ardent iPhone users who can’t help but upgrade to the latest model every year. iPhone owners also tend to love and be protective of their devices, so is it possible that they might suffer from withdrawal symptoms when their devices are taken away? A study conducted by researchers at University of Missouri claims that it is so.

For this study the searchers took 40 volunteers and made them work out a few word search puzzles on their own. The first search was conducted when the volunteers had their iPhones, and before they were given the second puzzle, researchers took away the iPhones under a false pretense and kept calling them so that those devices were ringing non-stop.

The researchers conducted a series of tests and concluded that iPhone owners who were separated from their handsets could suffer from “serious psychological and physiological effects,” including but not limited to poor scores on cognitive tests.

Among the readings that were taken researchers monitored heart rate and blood pressure of the subjects, as well as their anxiety levels. It was found that once the iPhones were taken away the subjects’ test scores took a dive and poor cognitive performance was also noticed.

Though this study was just limited to the iPhones one can expect a similar response from other smartphone owners as well, given the fact that many of us are hooked to our devices and can’t imagine going a single day without them.

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