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iPhone snatchers beware: pepper-spray case now available

Are you an overprotective parent (not many will admit to being so)?  Are your kids off to college?  Are you scared for their safety?  Did you spoil your kid with an iPhone 4/4S?  If you answered yes to the last question, then perhaps an iPhone case with built in pepper-spray will help to ease the thought of evil-doers trying to harm your precious children.

It’s called the ‘Pepper Spray Phone Case,’ and although the name may not conjure up fear like facing el Diablo himself, it’ll get the job done—just like a normal point-n-shoot pepper-spray canister.

The deadly iPhone 4/4S add-on was developed by Scott McPherson of Arizona for the purpose of protecting his daughter who is in college. 

“Most co-eds don’t go anywhere without their smartphone,” he said, “So the optimal solution was to combine her phone and a safety device.”

Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Operating the pepper-spray is as easy as unlocking the canister and turning the phone sideway then aim-and-shoot.  According to McPherson, the spray is formulated using habanero pepper: “[It’s] one of the hottest peppers available.”

“We use what the police force does, TSA, FBI.  We actually buy it at the same place they get it,” McPherson added.

The pepper-spray case is currently only available for the iPhone 4/4S, and can be bought for $39.95 via Spraytect.  It comes in four colors: Black, pink, white, and turquoise.  The maker is even kind enough to include a dummy canister so that you can practice operating the pepper-spray case.

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