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iPhone Reuse and Recycle program reportedly begins in select Apple Stores on August 30th

More details have emerged about Apple’s upcoming iPhone trade-in program. Reportedly called iPhone Reuse and Recycle program, the company is expected to start accepting trade-ins from August 30th in select Apple Retail Stores.


Ever since Apple CEO Tim Cook held a secret meeting attended by leaders of Apple Retail Stores from around the world, rumors have been circulating that the company will launch a trade-in program for its smartphone. Apple’s retail partners, resellers and carrier partners already offer trade-in programs for the iPhone, though this will be the first such initiative that the company involves its own retail stores in. According to the details that have emerged today, the program kicks off at a select few stores from this Friday, August 30th. Rollout on a large scale begins next month, as rumored.

The way this program is said to work is that a customer would go into an Apple Store and tell an employee that they want to trade-in their iPhone. The customer will reportedly only be able to be a carrier-locked iPhone, they won’t be able to trade-in their old model for a factory unlocked iPhone. The employee will then enter customer’s information into a device that they carry which will give out a value for the old iPhone based on the information that has been put in. This value is said to be determined by factors such as the old iPhone’s display quality, button quality, engraving, liquid damage, overall hardware damage and the ability to be used and powered on normally. The employee will then warn customers that once they turn in their device they won’t get it back, before they give in their device customers will be allowed to create a backup.

Once the old iPhone has been turned in, the employee will hand the customer a new iPhone as well as a gift card with the value amount of their old iPhone. Customers have to use the gift card at that time as payment for the new iPhone, the card can’t be used for any other purchases. The program is said to be a major part of Tim Cook’s plan to increase iPhone sales from the company’s own retail stores. Since the program comes around the time when two new iPhones are expected to be launched, there’s a possibility that many customers will turn to Apple Stores to trade-in their old iPhones. It hasn’t been confirmed as yet though if the upcoming iPhone models will be covered under the program as well.

Source: 9to5Mac

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