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iPhone OS 4 Details Unveiled

We know some of you folks out there are excited about iPhone OS 4 as we are. Folks and press who attended Apple’s sneak peek event. We scoured some information and here is what we know.

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iPhone OS 4 – What You will Get!

– official press release can be found here
– to check out the video of the sneak peek, head on to Apple’s official site @ this link

  • Multi-tasking: Double-clicking the Home Button opens up a tray of applications
  • Faster App Switching
  • Notifications can now be sent from the apps to you. Think of it as a way to remind you when you switch an app and something critical happened.
  • Folders are now introduced to iPhone OS 4. Clutter no more. A folder can store apps, and also be put into the dock.
  • Unified Inbox and support for threaded messages in new email app. Multiple Exchange accounts supported. Exchange 2010 is supported too.
  • Wallpaper for your homescreen and lock screen (Jailbreakers have them long ago)
  • iBooks for iPhone
  • Game Center – Apple is introducing a centralised gaming service (think Playstation Network or Xbox Live). Multiplayer, leaderboard, social interactivity features will be there.
  • iAd – Developers can use APIs to develop ads, a plugin that keeps the users in the app rather than clicking a link and popping uip a browser window. You can also do things within the ad such as playing a game, watching a video, etc. Done in HTML 5 only. Think of it as a popover ad window with interactive features. You can even buy things within the ad. Apple will sell and host ads, give developers 60%
    of revenue
  • Video recording now has “tap to focus” feature
  • Camera function will get 5x digital zoom.
  • Better Voice Control – Composing your email with your voice, anyone?
  • Support for bluetooth keyboards in OS 4
  • Better data encryption. There will be APIs available so
    developers can encrypt stuff inside their own apps. Emails and attachments can be encypted
  • Calendar Access – Apps can now create and edit events directly in the Calendar app with
    Event Kit.
  • You can now use cell towers to do location tracking instead of GPS. A feature that Apple implements to resolve issues such as location tracking apps that do not update once you exit from it.
  • Companies can distribute apps via their servers
    instead of via iTunes on WLAN
  • Support for SSL VPN from Juniper and Cisco
  • iPhone OS 4 will get background VOIP feature
  • 1500 new APIs added into the new OS. Apple claims 100 new user features
  • No Flash support. HTML 5 is integrated for iAd

iPhone OS 4 will be launching this Summer for iPhone 3GS and iPod 3rd gen.

iPhone 3G and iPod 2nd gen will not get full features. Multi-tasking will not be supported for these 2 models. The old iPhone wasn’t mentioned.

iPad users will get it on Fall 2010

Developer preview is available  today.

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Multi-task tray

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