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iPhone market share swiftly rising in China

Despite fierce competition from local vendors and smear campaigns from state media, the iPhone is on the rise in the Middle Kingdom.  

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Based on a report from research firm IDC the Wall Street Journal has reported that iPhone market share in China is on the rise.

The data found that both new iPhones were quite popular during the previous quarter, and even though these figures don’t represent potential sales on China Mobile, a full one percentage point growth in market share was recorded in the last quarter. China Mobile sales could not be added because Apple only reached an agreement to sell iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on China Mobile at the end of December, when the better part of the quarter had already been over.

The data also shows that iPhone now accounts for seven percent of the total smartphone market in China. This means that Apple is now the fifth largest smartphone vendor in the country, but evidently it still has a lot of catching up to do. Samsung leads the market with 19 percent, followed closely by Lenovo which holds 13 percent. Huawei, which doesn’t have great access to the U.S. market, leads Apple in fourth place with 10 percent of the entire smartphone market in China.

Apple has a lot riding on its deal with China Mobile. The world’s largest mobile operator has over 750 million subscribers, even if a fraction of those subscribers purchase an iPhone, its market share in China would go up substantially. In order to ascertain just how favorable this deal has been for Apple we must wait for the next quarterly results.

Source: Wall Sreet Journal

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