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These iPhone cases will make you crave Japanese food

Wait, don’t reach out for a pair of chopsticks yet, because they are actually fully usable iPhone cases.


Is there even a limit to the wackiness of mobile device cases in Japan? Whoever remembered the eggs n’ toast iPhone case we introduced way back probably isn’t new to the concept of super realistic food replicas plastered on iPhone cases. However this time, they’re taking it many steps further, and on a single direction too, with the introduction of iPhone 5/5S cases using the theme of food and cuisines native to the Land of the Rising Sun. Just a word of advice though, these cases could either be the best motivation or the worst distraction that you can have at your office desk.

Take a look at this case that looks just like a scrumptious piece of cut bonito, you can even see the finest detail up to the last shred of sprinkled spring onion bits.


How about straight up grilled or steamed Japanese stuff? You can make your iPhone look like a serving plate for either a set of gyoza, a piece of okonomiyaki , or even an ordinary hotdog on a stick.


Or if it’s winter, why don’t you try out this oden themed iPhone case? Just take care never to put your iPhone on the table when eating on an actual oden food cart.


Unwieldy? Oh yes, we can’t deny that this bento (Japanese packed meals) themed iPhone case could probably make your iPhone cumbersome to use, but you do realize at this point that’s not how these iPhone cases work right?


Each of these iPhone cases are priced in Japan at somewhere that is equivalent to about $40.00.

Source: IT Media (JP)

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