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iPhone 6S to feature animated wallpapers

Seems like the next iPhone is going to borrow something from the Apple Watch.


September is almost upon us and if history is any indication this means that the new iPhones are just around the corner, while Apple is yet to confirm the event there have already been countless rumors and leaks providing us some information about the new devices. The latest report suggests that the iPhone 6S is going to feature animated wallpapers, basically the user interface will be animated with wallpapers just like it is on the Apple Watch.

New animated wallpapers will reportedly come pre-installed on the iPhone 6S from the same set of “Motion” watch faces that that animate an Apple Watch’s display, users have options to choose from colorful butterflies, flowers and jellyfish on the wearable device and it’s said that options on the iPhone 6S will include colorful arrays of smoke, koi ponds and more.

Sources mentioned in the report say that this feature is currently in testing and the possibility exists that it might be dropped if the company thinks it’s not good enough, so there’s some work left to be done between now and the day the new iPhones are unveiled. If you’d want to see this feature on the iPhone better keep your fingers crossed!

Source: 9to5mac

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