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iPhone 6s display panel leaked

Apparently this our first look yet at an assembled iPhone 6s display panel.


Apple is due to launch new iPhones in less than two months from now which is why the rumor mill is now in overdrive and we’re seeing many leaks and rumors claimed to be related to the upcoming iPhones. Part and component leaks are nothing new when it comes to Apple devices, so this purported iPhone 6s display panel isn’t likely to surprise many people.

These images of a purported fully assembled iPhone 6s display have been leaked out of China and from the looks of it the panel doesn’t look all too different from the existing iPhone but there are some subtle differences to note. Many of you might be aware of the countless rumors which claims that the iPhone 6s is going to feature a Force Touch display, in order for that to be a reality there are going to be some changes made to the display panel and we just might be seeing them in this picture.

While the display panel seems to have the same shape and rounded edges as the iPhone 6’s display panel there is an off-center rectangular cutout which is new, and there’s an unknown component poking through it. Other than that the ear speaker and camera position remain the same. Presence of Force Touch technology can also be indicated by the shielding for this panel which appears to be riveted instead of using screws and clips.

Apple has obviously not said anything about this right now, the company doesn’t comment on such leaks about upcoming devices. The new iPhones are going to be unveiled this September.

Source: Weibo

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