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iPhone 6S camera rumored to have optical zoom

Thanks to dual-lens camera design, apparently.


It hasn’t been six months since Apple launched its new smartphones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but that doesn’t matter because rumors about the successors have already begun. It is too soon to be absolutely sure of what we can expect from the iPhone 6S, or whatever Apple decides to call it, but this has never kept the rumor mill down.

Camera improvements are always on the agenda whenever new iPhones are announced. The iPhone’s camera is an important part, and Apple knows it, this became even more evident last week when the iPhone crossed Nikon as the second most popular camera brand on Flickr for 2014. That’s how popular the iPhone is with the photographer community, both amateur and professional.

iPhone 6S is rumored to come with optical zoom. This would be the first time that an iPhone will have the optical zoom capability, if the rumor turns out to be true that is, and to make this happen the company may adopt a dual-lens design. Moreover the camera module is said to be redesigned so that low-light performance is further improved.

Having optical zoom on a flagship will give Apple a leg up on its competition. Even though Samsung has multiple smartphones out with optical zoom, they have big lenses and thus become niche products, for Apple to incorporate optical zoom in the iPhone will be a major achievement even when put up against the likes of HTC and LG.

Apple has not commented on this rumor. It never speaks up when even the most outrageous of rumors are published about its products, so all iPhone fans can do is wait and see if more evidence surfaces which can confirm that the iPhone 6S will really bring optical zoom.

Source: AppleInsider

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