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iPhone 6’s 5-inch display will reportedly be one hand use friendly

With rumors mounting that the next generation iPhone will have a larger display, people express concerns that it may be too large for one hand use. Apparently Apple will make the display friendly enough to be used with one hand.


Just to clarify a few things: there’s obviously no confirmation that the next generation iPhone is going to be called the iPhone 6, its just a moniker that’s widely attached to the device. Furthermore, there’s no confirmation that the smartphone will have a 5 inch display. Apple is rumored to be testing various display sizes and 5 inches is one of them, but so is 6 inches and 4.8 inches. The next iPhone might choose a display between these three sizes, or Apple might not choose to enlarge it at all.

Though this particular rumor suggests that Apple will bring over some design elements from the iPad mini to the iPhone 6 and make its bezels “thin as possible,” this would greatly help in making the display usable with one hand. Most smartphones that have such large displays can not be used with a single hand, particularly by those who have small hands. The user must have one hand dedicated to just holding the device. Apple may solve a crucial problem if it intends to retain one hand usability on the future iPhone.

The iPhone 6 is also expected to come with a number of major design changes. A recent analyst prediction suggests that the next Apple smartphone is going to be “blockbuster,” perhaps the 5 inch display might just be one of the factors that make it so.

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