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iPhone 6 renders from Foxconn leaked

Purported renders of the next generation iPhone have reportedly been leaked from Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner.


Foxconn is the primary manufacturing partner that Apple taps for a number of its products, including but not limited to the iPhone. Apparently renders of the upcoming iPhone have been leaked by someone at Foxconn, they join the growing list of iPhone 6 mockups and leaked parts we have seen over the past few weeks.

The iPhone 6 design seen in these renders is quite similar to what has already been rumored. In fact the design is also quite similar to the leaked iPhone 6 schematics that surfaced online a few weeks back. It measures 128x67mm, consistent with earlier rumors about the smartphone. Still that doesn’t mean that these renders are the real deal. Its quite easy to fabricate something of this sort and since the authenticity of the source can not be verified its best to take all of this with a grain of salt.

The device seen in this render does share a few similarities with other iPhone 6 mockups. For example it has rounded edges. The iPhone 6 is expected to borrow certain design cues from the iPod touch 5G, rounded edges is one of them. It also includes pill shaped volume controls as well as a repositioned sleep/wake button.

Interestingly in all the mockups that have surfaced up till now the dual-LED flash unit for the rear camera that debuted on iPhone 5S is missing. Since the dual tone flash makes flash photography look more natural it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to get rid of it until and unless it came up with something even better. If these mockups and renders are to be believed then it just might have developed a new flash solution.

The biggest change on Apple’s next iPhone will certainly be its larger display. It is expected to come with a 4.7-inch Retina display. Rumor has it that Apple has already started mass producing its next iPhone and will unveil it later this year, presumably in the fall.

Source: Macrumors

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