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iPhone 6 release day may be far but people have started lining up

A scalper’s dream come true?

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The first reports of people lining up outside an Apple Store to pick up an iPhone 6 came last week even before Apple had officially unveiled the new smartphones. Those lines formed outside the iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York City. Latest reports show that people have now started getting in line outside the Regent Street Apple Store in London over a week before the actual iPhone 6 release date which is September 19th. Some of them might be diehard Apple fans, but the possibility exists that some may have an ulterior motive.

Every year when a new iPhone is launched thousands of people descend upon Apple’s brick and mortar stores to pick up the new smartphone. Perhaps more order it through the company’s online store and wait for it to reach their doorstep. The initial rush causes a gap in demand and supply which means that customers that don’t rush to get the new device in the first week often end up having to wait for a considerable time for supplies to reach Apple’s stores once again.

This is where scalpers come in. Folks who pay off people to get in line on launch day and purchase the new devices. Since a customer is only allowed to purchase two units on launch day often scalpers have a whole group of people in line. Once the initial stock runs out scalpers hit the grey market and online selling portals to sell off the new iPhones at a hefty premium. People have been known to pay as high as $1000 for a new iPhone.

If you’ve made up your mind to purchase the iPhone 6 it would be best to get your pre-order in tomorrow once Apple starts accepting them, the stock tends to run out quickly. You can try your luck at a nearby Apple Store as well on September 19th and just might get your chance to pick up a unit on launch day. Otherwise you may have to fall prey to scalpers, or simply cross your fingers and wait for supplies to be replenished.

Source: DailyStar

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