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iPhone 6 Plus supply might be constrained at launch

The iPhone everyone has been waiting for proves to be elusive.


Prior to Apple’s official announcement of the new iPhone models it was rumored that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 supplies will be constrained at launch. The reason many unofficial sources and analysts gave for this was that Apple’s manufacturers were facing production issues with this particular model. While none of those rumors and reports have been officially confirmed it appears that there might be some constraints in the iPhone 6 Plus suppliers when units finally go on sale this Friday.

Apple allows its store employees to purchase one unit for themselves on release day but this time around they’re only being allowed to purchase one unit of the iPhone 6 which has a 4.7-inch display. A photo leaked on Twitter purportedly shows Apple’s directives to retail store employees about reserving a unit for themselves on the release date and there’s no mention of iPhone 6 Plus.

Store employees who work the morning shift or overnight shift on September 19th will be allowed to reserve one unit of the iPhone 6. Employees who will be working the afternoon shift or have that particular day off can line up with customers on releae day or simply take their chances with unsold inventory once the store is closed for the day. Even those employees will only be able to pick up an iPhone 6 and not an iPhone 6 Plus.

Not allowing retail store employees to go with the significantly larger iPhone indicates that Apple really wants to keep the inventory limited to customers who will be lining up in droves outside the company’s stores on September 19th in order to get their hands on the device. Shipping estimates of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model slipped to over a month shortly after the pre-orders opened up on September 12th, giving rise to further speculation that there really is an iPhone 6 Plus supply constraint.

Source: Twitter

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