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iPhone 6 Plus buried under snow for stress-test

And the result might surprise you!


It has become a habit for some people to pick up the latest smartphones and put them through a series of tests that show just how rough and durable that device really is. Tough is something most people wouldn’t associated with the iPhone 6 Plus given that it bends quite easily, several videos found their way on YouTube in which people bent the latest flagship from Apple with their bare hands.

Now Apple doesn’t market this device as snowproof but perhaps it should start doing that. Over Christmas a YouTuber called TechRax conducted a stress-test on the iPhone 6 Plus which involved leaving the smartphone buried under a lot of snow overnight. It spend over 12 hours buried under the snow and when the device was retrieved it was perfectly fine. Snow had done nothing to it.

It is unlikely that someone will face a similar situation in their normal use of an iPhone 6 Plus. Nobody would willingly bury their device under snow, but the next time someone drops it in snow, they can rest assured that there won’t be any damage on the smartphone.

Adrian Fonseca
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