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iPhone 6 batteries may hint at a new form factor

A picture of purported iPhone 6 batteries on a production tray has surfaced online, hinting at the possibility that Apple might have shaken things up on the inside.


As summer approaches rumors and leaks about the next generation iPhone start to ramp up. It’s usual to see purported parts being leaked online a few months prior to the announcement. Sometimes they do offer a glimpse of what to expect from the unreleased device.

Presumably originating from China, this most recently released photo found on the Chinese blogosphere shows what are claimed to be iPhone 6 batteries on a production tray. It’s easy to call the authenticity of this photo into question since it’s not too hard to fake an photo like this. However the batteries do share similar physical characteristics with batteries used in previous iPhones. The report accompanying this picture notes that its possible Apple may have changed the battery’s positioning in iPhone 6.

The metallic section of the battery now appears to be integrated along the side. This hints at the possibility that iPhone 6 may have a new form factor, corroborating countless previous rumors. It was reported last month that Apple is going to start producing batteries on automated production lines. The new image, if its authentic, would also confirm that Apple has indeed ramped up battery production efforts ahead of the iPhone 6’s launch.

Other purported parts that have appeared online include a front panel. It looks massive when compared to the existing iPhone 5S, primarily because the display size is significantly larger. Since Apple doesn’t comment on part leaks there’s no way of really knowing if something’s authentic or not. One thing is for sure though, we can expect to see a lot of similar parts pop up in the near future.

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