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iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S5 in biometrics test

Are you curious about how fingerprint sensors on both Apple and Samsung flagship smartphones stack up against each other?


There’s much interest in how these sensors actually perform, and if one is really better than the other in capturing the crucial fingerprint image.

Apple might have been the first with fingerprint sensors in smartphones, but others have implemented them in a much better way. Touch ID on iPhone 5S can only grant access or authorize purchases on iTunes, whereas the fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S5 can even authorize PayPal payments, and developers will be able to tap into it as well.

YouTube user Tanner March has put up a iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S5 video online which only focuses on the fingerprint sensor performance. The detailed video also walks viewers through the setup process on both devices. Judging by this video, it appears that the sensor on Galaxy S5 is a bit hit or miss. That was the initial impression I got when Samsung first announced it. The whole swipe from top to bottom thing can prove to be a bit frustrating, and if not done accurately, could require the user to try multiple times before it actually registers the fingerprint. Marsh does say that since one must swipe directly over the center of the button and start from the bottom of the touchscreen, it makes the process “nearly impossible” with one hand.

[youtube id="R3C6OW8eMGk" width="620" height="360"]

That is not the case on Touch ID. Users simply have to place the finger on the Home button and it should register the fingerprint. Though this doesn’t mean that Touch ID is absolutely flawless. There have been multiple reports of Touch ID accuracy degrading after multiple scanning, though its believed to be a software glitch and Apple is working on a fix.

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