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iPhone 5S may come in different colors and sizes

People who aren’t content with the silver, white, and black coloring scheme of the current iPhone 5 will be happy to know that Apple may launch the iPhone 5S in a variety of colors.

According to an analyst from Topeka Capital Markets, Apple may launch the iPhone 5S with 6-8 color options.  The hype surrounding Apple’s minimalistic approach to designing its product have been more than enough to keep consumers interested, but perhaps it’s about time Apple mixes things up a bit.

Additionally, the analyst believes that Apple may also offer the iPhone 5S in different screen sizes.  Fans of phones with larger displays may be in for a treat come Q2 or Q3 2013.  The current gen iPhone 5 has a 4-inch Retina display, but there is a growing market for phablets (phone + tablets) that sport 5+ inch displays.  No matter how stubborn Apple might be about adopting the trends instead of being the trend-setter, it’s clear that many smartphone users prefer devices with larger displays. 

Samsung’s second iteration of the Galaxy Note II phablet has been a success, and unless Apple jumps in now it might be too late to play catch up later.  Apple’s recent patent regarding an ‘active stylus’ only adds more confirmation to speculation of an iPhone with a larger display.  No one knows how big the display on the next iPhone might be, but if it’s a stylus-enhanced device we can guess that the screen real estate will probably be around 5 or so inches.

Many handset makers have been trying to catch up to Apple in the smartphone race for years and years, but in the newly formed phablet league Apple is the one that’s lagging behind. 


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