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iPhone 5S gold color tone said to be ‘elegant,’ may look similar to champagne

The iPhone 5S has been eclipsed by another story in recent days. The possibility of an iPhone 5S in gold color has dialled down almost every other rumor about this device. A new report indicates that the gold color tone will actually look similar to champagne, it won’t exactly be too gaudy. 


Almost two weeks ago we heard about the possibility of Apple launching the iPhone 5S in gold as well, alongside the black and white color options that have almost always been available. This would actually be the first time that Apple would launch a next generation iPhone in an entirely new color that it has never offered ever before. A casing of the gold iPhone 5S has already popped up online, while many analysts are now of the view that Apple is definitely going to sell the gold iPhone 5S.

This particular report comes from AllThingsD, which has heard from its source that the gold iPhone 5S will have a white face whereas the backplate and edges will have an “elegant” gold tone. The source is further cited as saying “think gold, not ingot,” regarding this particular color option for Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone.

Gold is said to be the easiest color for Apple to anodize on the iPhone, even more easier than black. Besides that, there is reportedly ample demand for this color option in markets such as China and India. So it may serve Apple’s interests after all to release iPhone 5S in gold color as well.

Source: [AllThingsD]

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