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iPhone 5S gold color casing picture leaked

It was reported earlier today that an analyst expected Apple to unveil a gold colored iPhone 5S. The very first picture of that purported casing has been leaked, leading many to believe that this color might be available when the iPhone 5S is released in the near future.


Rumors about the iPhone 5S are a dime a dozen these days. We have already seen many purported casings of the iPhone 5S, though none of them can’t be taken as the real deal given that Apple is yet to make the official announcement. Most casing leaks appear quite similar, this particular one stands out because the color option is one that Apple has never offered before.

According to the analyst we talked about previously, this gold colored iPhone 5S might have 128GB of storage, which would certainly make it an exclusive variant, considering that Apple has also never offered that much on-board storage in any of its iPhones. The pictures have been leaked by French website MacBoutic. It can’t obviously be said if this casing is legitimate or if someone went to the great lengths of fabricating one after hearing the analyst’s predictions.

You might notice that there’s no Apple logo on the back and that the word “iPhone” on the back is also not there. The source says that they’ve intentionally blurred both of them out, though the image doesn’t look like its been tampered with. This might be pre-production sample or a prototype casing, or may simply be a knockoff. The timing is right though, a number of well connected reporters are saying that they hear Apple would offer the iPhone 5S in gold color as well. The company’s event is expected on September 10, hopefully by then we’ll know how many of these rumors are true.

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