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iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner rumored once again as home button flex cable is leaked

The possibility of iPhone 5S having a fingerprint scanner has been rumored numerous times. A purported home button flex cable of the upcoming iPhone has been leaked which hints at this possibility yet again.


Rumors about a fingerprint scanner on iPhone 5S have been circulating for quite a few months now. Conflicting rumors have emerged as well, they claim that this feature has been kept aside for iPhone 6 and that it won’t debut this year. A few components have leaked in the past as well that have also fueled speculation of a fingerprint scanner. Apple has kept itself tight lipped, so it is really not known for sure right now if this feature has made the final cut this year.

The purported flex cable has three additional elements that are not present on the same component for iPhone 5. General shape of this component is said to be unprecedented, it hasn’t been seen before in a component for all iPhone generations combined. A mysterious square shape is evidently visible right next to the home button on the flex cable, could this be the much rumored fingerprint scanner? The part identification number is said to be in line with Apple’s number scheme and it has apparently been manufactured in mid-July.

Apple today finally rolled out invites for its September 10 iPhone event, so in less than a week we’ll know for sure what the company’s next generation iPhone touts under the hood. Hypothetically though, if you were a betting person, would you or would you not bet on the possibility of a fingerprint scanner?

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