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iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner rumored again as high resolution pictures of flex cable leaks

It has been rumored time and again that Apple’s next generation iPhone might come with a fingerprint scanner. The latest high resolution pictures of a purported home button flex cable of the next iPhone hints at that possibility once again.


A similar flex cable was leaked just last week. It showed off a mysterious square surface attached to the home button flex cable, the surface isn’t present on the same component that belongs to iPhone 5. According to previous rumors, the fingerprint scanner might be located underneath the home button. References to the scanner have also been located in iOS 7 beta firmware, which has further fuelled speculation about this feature.


The latest leak comes from Sonny Dickson, so has leaked quite a few components of Apple’s upcoming devices. We saw him post pictures of purported iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 shells as well.¬†This component is similar to the one that was seen last week. The flex cable is more complex than its counterpart on the iPhone 5, a fingerprint scanner just might be the defining feature of the next generation iPhone.

Apple acquired AuthenTec last year, its technology is believed to be behind the fingerprint scanner. The iPhone event has been scheduled for September 10. Even though there have been many component leaks, one can’t be sure that the feature will make the final cut. We’ll have to wait until the official announcement.

Source: Sonny Dickson

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