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iPhone 5S display assembly reportedly pictured on production line

While purported pictures of iPhone 5S display assembly have surfaced in the past, today an alleged production line photo of this component has surfaced online.


This photo was initially posted on Sina Weibo, which is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. The alleged iPhone 5S display assembly has been pictured in the past as well, like I mentioned before, and they were certainly of better resolution. What’s interesting about this picture is that its from the production line, which could mean that mass production of Apple’s next generation iPhone has already begun. The timing seems just about right as well, considering Apple is expected to release this smartphone in September.

One can recognize that this is the purported iPhone 5S display assembly because the flex connector cables at the top can be distinguished. The connectors for the display and touch digitizer are oriented vertically and horizontally, respectively, on this component. This is in line with previous leaks in which the orientation of flex connector cables has been the same.

As iPhone 5S launch nears, purported components of this smartphone leak almost on a daily basis. We’ve seen the logic board as well as front camera assembly. While there’s no concrete way of saying that these components are authentic, they do provide an idea of what Apple’s next iPhone might be.

Source: [Macrumors]

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