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iPhone 5S crossing important growth threshold while iPhone 5C struggling to catch up

Latest data from a major analytics firm reveals that the iPhone 5S has left the iPhone 5C far, far behind.


It’s safe to say that the iPhone 5S is a hit, Apple saw record sales right after the smartphone was launched alongside the plastic shell touting iPhone 5C. While the former is having a pretty good run, things don’t appear to be going smoothly for the latter, but that has come to be expected now.

The iPhone 5S’ growth has surged over the past few months, which is commendable, considering that it was only released late last year. Data from Mixpanel reveals that the iPhone 5S accounted for 19.35 percent of all active iPhones during the week of March 3, this translates in to the fact that one in every five iPhone out there is an iPhone 5S. Compare that with the iPhone 5C and its a totally different story, the smartphone accounted for just 6.32 percent of all active Apple smartphone in the market. Since January the iPhone 5S has logged a five percentage point gain in its market share whereas the iPhone 5C has only been able to muster up 1.31 percentage point gain.

The legacy iPhone 4S and discontinued iPhone 5 still outrank both new iPhones, though that’s not surprising, both have been around for a very long time and both did very well in the market. iPhone 5 leads the entire iPhone market share with 32.59 percent of all active devices, with the iPhone 4S trailing in second place having 23.96 percent. Though both models have seen a decline in market share ever since the two new iPhones came out, this was bound to happen as existing customers traded in for newer models. Its only a matter of time before the iPhone 5S crosses the 20 percent threshold and comes close to overtaking these models.

Consumers are seen to be leaning towards the iPhone 5S more as compared to the iPhone 5C. A recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster revealed that 33 percent of all U.S. consumers planning to buy a smartphone next month intend to pick up an iPhone 5S. Reports about iPhone 5C’s disappointing performance are a dime a dozen, leading many to believe that Apple might axe the smartphone and not release a successor later this year.

Source: Mixpanel

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