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iPhone 5S appears to be more popular in China over the iPhone 5C

Prior to its launch, analysts believed iPhone 5C would be insanely popular in markets such as China. Market analysis tells an entirely different story. 


iPhone 5C was believed to be a budget or low cost iPhone. Some analysts had even gone as far as to claim that it would be priced in a “sweet spot” for the Chinese market. It was said that the smartphone would be offered off-contract for $200-$300. Based on this, the assumption that Chinese customers might be attracted to a budget iPhone made sense. That’s not the case though. iPhone 5C is far from a budget option and has been outsold in China, as well as in other markets, by its older sibling, the iPhone 5S.

Localytics, an analytics firm, has generated a report based on data it has collected about the highest ratio of preference for the new iPhones. In all of the initial launch markets where the new iPhones were released first, China actually leads the pack for the highest ratio of preference for the iPhone 5S, which stands at 91 percent. One possible explanation that Localytics offers for this is the offering of a gold color for iPhone 5S. It was believed that this color option would become a hit particularly in China. The iPhone 5C, while being available in five different colors, does not come in gold.

Another reason offered by the firm is the tendency of hardcore Apple users wanting to buy a top of the line iPhone on launch weekend. So it remains to be seen if the preference ratio changes in the coming weeks as initial hype dies down and makes way for conventional customers.

Source: Localytics

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