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iPhone 5C smiles for the camera again, this time in blue and white

There’s no shortage of iPhone 5S and 5C rumors, leaks and spills of information these days, although the pace at which things are being revealed makes it that much more difficult to distinguish the credible intel from the b.s.

iPhone 5C-2

And trust me, there’s a lot of b.s. being promoted by various blogs, “insiders” and pundits as verified and verifiable information. For instance, is anyone really buying the story about the iPhone 5C being the bona fide heir to the iPhone 5’s throne as opposed to a low-cost variant of the 5S? Then you, my friends, need a checkup.

Meanwhile, we’re seeing more and more pictures of the 5C and/or 5S, some of which look like the real deal, while others… not so much. The latest set of pics comes by way of Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) and showcases what appears to be the plasticky iPhone 5C in white and blue coatings.

The images seem to fit nicely with the handheld’s design shown off in other hues, including pink and black, though that doesn’t necessarily make them genuine. It could just be that the same fake prototype, clone or whatever is being circulated around to throw us off the scent of the real iPhone 5C, no?


Assuming the photos are indeed to be taken for granted, I have to say the white new iPhone doesn’t look so very bad (albeit it does scream shallowness from a mile away), whereas the blue model is… just off.

In fact, I wouldn’t really call it a blue iPhone 5C, as only the back cover is painted that way, with the front rocking a milky hue. The end result looks tacky and messy, as far as I’m concerned, so I for one am hoping this won’t turn into reality come September 10 or 20.

Anyone else a little fazed by this model? Do you at least dig the white one? Sound off below.

Source: Phone Arena

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