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Apple iPhone 5c sales reportedly gaining traction, especially on American soil

A lot of virtual ink has been spilled in the past couple of weeks on how Apple’s iPhone 5s is copiously dominating the “unapologetically plastic” 5c at the worldwide box-office, but before writing off Cupertino’s first colorful handheld you may want to hear a final word from Localytics.

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According to the world-renowned leading analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps, the 5c is on an upward trend in relation to its more technically impressive cousin, significantly narrowing the gap in active devices ever since a rocky commercial start.

Thus, while the ratio of in-use iPhone 5s to 5c units on a global scale was reported at a staggering 3.3:1 seven days after the duo’s launch, that’s dropped to 2.7:1 seven days later, 2.5:1 after another week and now, with a month having passed since their debuts, there are “only” 2.3 times more all-aluminum iPhones out and about than plasticky Apple gizmos.


The trend is even more encouraging for the 5c in the United States, where there are 1.9x more 5s in use, compared with 3x more 20 days or so back. What does it all mean in a nutshell? Clearly, that the recent 5c production cuts and 5s ramp ups were unwarranted, as the slightly cheaper member of the family is currently outselling the mobile phone that we thought the entire world craved for. Presumably including the gold model.


As the fresh Localytics market research doesn’t break down the numbers to countries or regions, we can’t know for sure if the previously reported figures for China were accurate or not. But since the ratio is obviously more favorable for the 5c in America than worldwide, it’s safe to assume emerging markets remain a tough nut to crack for Tim Cook and the gang.

At the same time, let us remind you that, no matter which of the two new iPhones is in higher demand, as long as the duo as a whole remains popular, Apple has nothing to worry about. After all, the profit margins are equally as astounding.

Source: Localytics

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