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iPhone 5C damaged screen repair now possible in Apple retail stores

Apple’s brick and mortar stores can now perform iPhone 5C damaged screen repairs.


Launched last year, the iPhone 5C hasn’t turned out to be as popular as originally imagined. Some believe its due to the price, rumors pegged this smartphone as a cheap iPhone, its anything but cheap. The price point was believed to make it a big hit in emerging markets such as China and India, but surveys show that iPhone 5S has been leading the way in almost all markets. Nevertheless, its not like the iPhone 5C has been a complete flop, there are still a lot of people out there who own the “unapologetically plastic” iPhone.

Cracking a mobile device’s screen isn’t that unusual. It may happen even in the case of casual and normal usage, some of these devices aren’t made to take a beating. Customers who need to get the damaged screen of an iPhone 5C repaired will now be able to get it done from an Apple retail store. The company’s stores are now capable of doing that.¬†Customers in Hong Kong and Canada are out of luck, stores there currently don’t offer this service.

According to estimates, an in-store iPhone 5C damaged screen repair will cost approximately $149 if the customer didn’t sign up for AppleCare+ when they purchased the device. Those who did would only have to pay $79.

Source: Tuaw

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