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iPhone 5 specs – LTE confirmed, A6 processor, native panorama and more

The iPhone 5 event in San Francisco has been going on for about an hour now, and a lot of new information is being released about the world's allegedly thinnest smartphone. Read on to find out about the iPhone 5!

Apple’s event in San Francisco has now been going on for almost an hour. Of course, like everybody expected, the iPhone 5 was released, and revealed to be called “iPhone 5”.

At this very moment, the iPhone 5 session is still going on, but there’s been a whole lot of information already released. Here are some of the big points to cover:

-At 7.6mm thick, this is the thinnest iPhone yet – and apparently the thinnest smartphone in the world.
-The resolution is 1136 x 640 resolution, as predicted. Same width as the last iphone, but taller. Older apps will run fine on the new device, but will be letter boxed to compensate.
-LTE has been confirmed for the new iPhone, and it’s being called “Ultrafast Wireless” – carriers have been confirmed for the U.S, Canada, and Asia
-A new chip is in the device, and it’s being called the A6 – claims are being made for 2x graphics performance. The preview, featuring a racing game called Real Racing 3, makes this claim believable.
-Battery life is apparently just as good as, and even better than, battery ;life for the iPhone 4S.
-The new camera has the same resolution specs as the last iPhone (3,264 x 2,448 backside-illuminated sensor, five-element lens and f/2.4 aperture), but Apple’s Phil Schiller notes that the thinner sensor has made this a difficult achievement.
-Panorama has been integrated with the new iPhone – a feature which will allow users to sweep their phone, and take a panoramic photo of 28 Megapixels. There is stabilization and error correction, so that even sloppy takes will result in a nice picture.
-The new connector has been confirmed, being called “Lightning” as rumors had it. It’s much smaller than the older one. Adapters will be sold to aid people who still have old adapter accessories.

A lot more information is coming out as time goes by, and readers can follow the event live at Engadget’s liveblog.

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