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“iPhone 5” now available for sale in China

Can't wait to get your hands on an "iPhone 5"? Well, fret not: once again, the enterprising OEMs over at China have somehow managed to start rollling out what appears to be a certain unreleased smartphone for sale in its domestic market at what appears to be extremely competitive prices way before any official notice from the Cupertino giant. With leaks such as these, who needs to wait for Apple anymore?

With all the rumours about Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 starting to circulate around the Internet, it was only a matter of time before some enterprising Chinese OEM would attempt to one-up Apple and get a jump on the Cupertino giant by studying what are allegedly the "leaked images" of Apple's elusive smartphone and releasing its own iPhone 5 knockoff that sports design elements resembling those found on the aforementioned "leaked images".

And as it turns out, we did not even need to wait till September for the first batch of iPhone 5 knockoffs to make their way to China's retail shelves, especially if the image below is of any indication.

According to a report posted by Giz-China, this particular "iPhone 5" sports a body which is built mostly out of black plastic and is said to be no thicker than 7mm. In addition, Giz-China claims that the Chinese OEM responsible for designing this particular knockoff has definitely done its homework, considering how the overall design of the clone bears a striking resemblance to the dimensions and shape sported by leaked images of casings for the actual iPhone 5 smartphone.

Last but not least, Giz-China has also confirmed that this particular "iPhone 5", unlike most cloned Chinese smartphones, will not be powered off a custom-skinned version of the Android operating system. Instead, users will get to play around with a proprietary JAVA-based operating system upon purchase of this smartphone, along with support for basic features such as MP3 playback and Internet connectivity via WiFi. Oh, and the phone reportedly boasts an internal flash storage capacity of 64GB, a claim which our source clearly has got no intention of buying.

Well, in all fairness, you can't expect much from a "smartphone" that has an asking price of only 699 yuan (approx US$108), no?

Source: Giz-China

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