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iPad Mini with Retina may cost 30% more than original Mini

We’re almost positive that Apple will drop a Retina iPad Mini sometime this year, and for those that are waiting it out for the high-res iPad Mini to drop, just remember that the price tag may also increase to reflect the added feature.

Some have already speculated that the Retina iPad Mini will cost 30% more than the original non-Retina Mini.  While it is fairly obvious that the inclusion of a higher resolution display will cost Apple more to make the upcoming iPad Mini, one has to wonder how much Apple is willing to shave off the Retina iPad Mini’s price tag to keep it at a “budget conscious” level.

Currently, Apple has its iPad Mini without Retina retailing at $329 (16GB), a $130 markup from the original factory’s manufacturing cost.  The Mini’s profit margin is quite large, so there’s a lot of wiggle room for Apple to keep the prices of its Retina iPad Mini close to that of the original iPad Mini.  Still, Apple has always been known as a "premium" brand, so we won't be surprised if Apple decides to keep prices of the original Minis the same and sell the Mini with Retina as its own line with higher price tags.


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