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iPad Air supply believed to be strong as Apple said to offer in-store pickup come launch day

There have been no rumors of iPad Air being in short supply, reiterated by chatter that the company might offer in-store pickup option on launch day, which is November 1.


The two new iPads were unveiled last week, and only a couple of days remain until one of them becomes available for sale. Apple will begin selling the iPad Air on November 1st online and in retail stores, in select markets around the world. A latest rumor suggests that the personal pickup service might be opened up for customers on launch day, despite the fact supplies of new products are typically tight on launch day, and Apple doesn’t offer the service until after a couple of weeks have passed.

If that really is the case, then it would mean that supplies of iPad Air in Apple Retail Store locations is strong, so much so that Apple is confident that it will be able to cope with the demand, of those who lineup outside the stores and those who select a time to walk into an Apple Retail Store to pickup their new iPad. While pre-orders are not being accepted for the iPad Air, it is said that orders for home delivery be taken at 12:01 a.m. Pacific on November 1st. Retail stores will also open up an hour early to accommodate the rush.

It’s a completely different story though for the other iPad, the iPad mini with Retina display. Prior to its official announcement, it was being rumored that the tablet will be in extremely short supply. That does seem to be the case, seeing as how Apple still hasn’t revealed when the tablet will go on sale, it just says that it will become available later next month.

Source: Macrumors

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