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iPad Air drop test result will make you invest in a rugged case

Apple has made the iPad Air thinner and lighter than ever before, but has that affected durability in any way? You’re in for a surprise.


The iPad Air is Apple’s latest tablet, it is significantly different than its predecessor. In fact, its the only tablet to come with major design changes ever since the iPad 2 was launched back in 2011. It has adopted design cues from the iPad mini, the result is that iPad Air is now substantially thinner than before and lighter as well. Apple has managed to shave off almost half a pound. While all that might make the tablet more portable and easy to carry around, it may have some affect on the durability as well.

Richard Ryan, of RatedRR fame on YouTube, has conducted drop tests on a variety of devices in the past. He has also fired guns at some of them. Unfortunately, the iPad Air didn’t survive the drop test, but still Richard brought out the guns to display his sharp shooting skills. When dropped from a height of only a few feet, the iPad Air’s display shattered upon contact with loose dirt ground, one can only fathom what would happen had it been a hard concrete floor.

[youtube id=”6JNTx4zy19w” width=”620″ height=”360″]

If this video is an indicator of just how durable Apple’s new tablet is, you might want to hold on that iPad Air tightly, or wisely invest in a rugged case that protects your tablet when it falls, which it is likely to during conventional usage scenarios.

Source: CNET

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