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iPad Air 2 leaked shell hints at design changes

A purported shell of the iPad Air 2 has leaked online. The leaked part provides some hints about the minor design changes that Apple is expected to make in the next generation iPad.


In a few months Apple will unveil its new product lineup. So far this year the company hasn’t released a new device but come fall not only will it have new iPhones on offer, it is also going to release the new iPads. The iPad Air brought significant changes last year so this time around its expected to be more of an evolutionary update rather than a revolutionary one.

These leaked pictures originate from China and how an iPad Air 2 shell that lines up perfectly with most of the mockups and leaked panels that we have seen up till now. It appears to be identical to the dummy model and reiterates belief that the iPad Air 2 will only come with minor design changes.

The shell doesn’t have a recess for a mute/orientation lock switch that’s currently found on the iPad. There is a pinhole above the volume buttons but its purpose is not known at this point in time. The leaked panel also shows that the microphone porthole might be relocated beside the rear camera. Apple logo cutout that made its debut on the iPad mini with Retina display makes an appearance as well, currently on the iPad it is filled with a material that effectively makes it a window for wireless signals.

Another evident change is a single row of slightly larger speaker holes as opposed to the two-row grille speakers on the existing iPad. As far as specifications go there isn’t much known about the iPad Air 2 at this point in time. Apple is expected to unveil it in either October or November.

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