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iPad 5 to be thinner and lighter than iPad 3

If you think Apple’s current iPad 3 isn’t thin or light enough, then the iPad 5 may gratify your needs for extra mobility.  Some rumors out of China are suggesting that the next iPad will have 4mm shaved off its height, 17mm from the width, and 2mm from its depth.

Apple’s iPad mini launched roughly six months after the iPad 3’s inauguration, and this may also be the case for the iPad 5.  There are reports hinting that the iPad 5’s design will be very similar to that of the iPad mini—meaning less bezel and more screens on either side.  Additionally, Apple is also purported to be working on a second gen iPad mini that will sport a Retina display.

The screen size of the iPad 5 will probably maintain the standard 9.7-inch, and there are talks about possible integration of Sharp’s IGZO display technology into the next iPad.  However, the technology itself hasn’t matured enough as yield rates and availability of manufacturing lines are major concerns.

It’s relatively safe to say that the iPad 5 will have a thinner and shorter profile compared to the iPad 3.  The processor will probably remain an A6, and 1GB of RAM to keep things going—although 1.5-2GB isn’t out of the question.  As for the shooters, the current iPad 3 sports a 5MP rear camera, and a 1.2MP front shooter.  An 8MP rear camera will definitely be a nice upgrade, although 5MP is still somewhat up to date for a tablet.


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