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While it's all impressive on paper, how does the iPad 2 really performs and how does it feel? Well, here's a quick hands-on review.

So how exactly does Apple's new offering feel and look? Well, here are some hands-on thoughts from the fine folks at Engadget.

  • This thing is insanely fast. We're not joking — it's blazingly fast. Everything the iPad 2 does feels like it's on turbo. We're uploading a video of the some evidence of this, you'll be appropriately stunned.
  • The design feels great in your hands. Sleek, super thin — much nicer to hold than the previous version. Definitely has more of a magazine than book feel. Everything is tight and solid. It is pretty amazing how thin they've gotten the device.
  • Even software made for the first generation device feels better here. Safari is definitely sped up. Games looked great on-screen, though obviously there are no updates to the resolution of screen technology here.
  • This is an evolutionary step, but we definitely don't feel like it's lacking for features. People are going to gobble these up when they see the new apps.

They've even posted a video on their site on how much faster the iPad 2 is. And it is impressive what you can do with dual-core on a tablet.

Source: Engadget


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