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iOS update fails to fix battery problem for some

The iOS 5.0.1 update that was supposed to resolve problems in the battery consumption of the new iPhone 4S did not appear to have solved the battery-drain issue for everyone. 

A quick visit to the Apple Support Communities forum shows many irate posts of users complaining of the same battery problems even after updating to iOS 5.0.1.

Resolving the battery issue has been tricky affair, mainly due to conflicting experiences encountered by different users.  For example, a user with the nick of eharrell says he resolved his battery drain issue by changing his email settings from "Push" to "Fetch," while others are adamant that performing a reset of network settings fixed the problem.

Another user by the nick of Deannanel cast suspicion instead on the new iOS 5 rather than a hardware problem with the new iPhone 4S.  He outlined various techniques he tried in order to reduce the problem:

"I have been closing out as many apps as possible and limited notifications to try to preserve battery but the iPad is a real problem.  Could it be Safari?  There are tabs now instead of pages.  Is this somehow sucking up battery?"

The concern that users have over battery life of their iPhones is perfectly understandable, since many have locked into hefty two year contracts in order to get their iDevices.  In Singapore, at least one mobile operator has stipulated additional penalties preventing early termination of contract and more stringent clauses forbidding early re-contract.  The strict terms are probably due the far higher prices that mobile operators are forced to subsidize.

Nevertheless, if you are currently on iOS 5.0 and would like to update, you may do so over-the-air, which is a new capability found only in iOS 5. To initiate it, just go to the Settings App, ‘General' -> ‘Software Update'.


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