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iOS generated signficantly more online sales than Android during Christmas shopping period

Throughout the 2013 holiday season, iOS has lead Android in U.S. online shopping and sales.


Having already lead its arch rival and generated a vast majority of all U.S. sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, iOS continued its onslaught during the Christmas shopping period as well. Data from IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark reveals that of the 48 percent of U.S. online traffic generated via mobile devices during this period, 83 percent was accounted for by iOS and rest by Android and other platforms, thus confirming that iOS devices were the most used devices for online shopping and sales in the country.

The data also reveals that Christmas Day online sales in the U.S. were up 16.5 percent year over year, this digital analytics platform tracks millions of transactions and analyzes a plethora of raw data from over 800 retail sites in the country. 23 percent of all online sales during this period generated from iOS devices as opposed to just 4.6 percent on Android. iOS devices also accounted for more than five times mobile oriented sales than Android. iOS users were also found to have the highest average spending of $93.94 as opposed to $48.10 on Google’s mobile platform.

The U.S. is a very lucrative market, and even if iOS has been facing tough competition from Android in the market, data collected throughout the holiday season this year points to the fact that more customers are shopping online using Apple’s mobile devices than those using Android devices from a number of different OEMs.

Source: IBM

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