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iOS 9 transit maps may be available only in select cities

At least at launch.


There’s no point in pretending that the Apple Maps launch wasn’t a disaster. With iOS 6 the company decided to dump Google Maps as the official mapping provider in favor of a homegrown solution called Apple Maps. The company’s native maps service was seriously messed up when it launched and Apple had to apologize for it.

Over the years Apple has worked on it and improved it quite a lot but one important feature has always been missing, and that feature is transit maps, the ability to chart routes and find times for public transport within the app itself. This feature has long been available in other mapping services like Google Maps, which is now available for iOS devices as a standalone app from the App Store.

It was recently reported that Apple is finally going to add transit maps in Apple Maps with iOS 9, and there’s word now that transit maps might be limited to a few select cities at least at launch. The cities that are expected to be supported at launch include several cities in the United States, Europe, Canada and China.

Apple will then reportedly expand the service to Japan and Boston in the US but it’s unclear when that will happen. iOS 9 will be unveiled next month at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 after which it will enter a long developer beta phase, ultimately being released to end users this fall.

Source: 9to5mac

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