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iOS 9 development underway

Apple has reportedly starting working on the next iteration of iOS.


Every year Apple conducts a developer event where it shows off the next major update for its mobile platform. Last year at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June Apple unveiled iOS 8 which was then put through a developer program for a few months before the software was finally released in September.

There’s no doubting the fact that this will happen again in 2015. At the upcoming WWDC the company is going to show off all the improvements it has made for its mobile operating system, and reports are that Apple has started work on iOS 9, so we could be in for a whole new iteration.

Several reports have popped up online aided by Google Analytics which reveal that iOS 9 is being tested. It is not uncommon to see this happen. The company tests new software online and the websites that are visited can see in their Google Analytics a breakup of all operating systems. An unreleased iOS version definitely stands out, like it has this time, revealing that iOS 9 is under development right now.

These sightings only confirm the presence of iOS 9 and unfortunately don’t tell anything about what the update is going to bring. Surely there will be some user interface changes and the addition of new features, but to find all of that out in detail, iOS fans will have to wait until the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, which is going to take place in June.

Source: PhoneArena

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