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iOS 7 jailbreak might be a possibility after all

There’s a big community out there that likes to jailbreak iOS devices. Recently there has been much speculation about the possibility of an iOS 7 jailbreak. Developers are already working on it, and it seems that they might be able to achieve a jailbreak after all.


There are basically two exploits that developers try to capitalize on when putting together a jailbreak that can be publicly released, a userland exploit and a bootrom based exploit. Since the latter has not been achieved on any Apple mobile device that’s powered by an A5 or higher processor, developers have had to rely on software based exploits for jailbreaks. The problem with software based exploits is that Apple can easily patch them with a firmware update, whereas to patch a bootrom exploit, a hardware change would be required. Apple can’t do that in devices that it has already shipped out.

The infamous evad3rs dev team, who were behind the evasi0n jailbreak, have already starting working on iOS 7 jailbreak project. They recently announced that they have been able to achieve unsigned userland code execution on iOS 7, this basically gives them a solid platform through which they can try tinkering with the kernel. Well known jailbreak developer @pod2g tweeted recently that they’re “more and more confident about an iOS 7 public jailbreak,” though that doesn’t mean a release will come soon.

Apple is going to publicly release iOS 7 on September 18th, after months of putting it through beta testing. The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile platform was first unveiled back at WWDC 2013, it brings a plethora of new features and a completely new “flat” user interface.

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