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iOS 7 beta 3 improves ‘2x’ mode on non-Retina iPads, removes toggle

It has been discovered in iOS 7 beta 3, seeded yesterday, that the firmware is capable of leveraging Retina assests bundled in iPhone only apps to enhance ‘2x’ mode on non-Retina display tablets such as the iPad 2 and iPad mini.


Apple has always allowed the installation of iPhone-only apps on iPad, due to the fact that there are less apps out there that natively support the iPad. If the company wanted, it could have not supported iPhone-only apps so as to push developers to create separate iPad versions as well. When an iPhone app is launched on an iPad, the customer can choose between the ‘1x’ and ‘2x’ mode. Pixels are doubled in the latter so that the app fills the tablet’s screen, though pixelation becomes quite visible in this case, which results in blurry text and images.

Ever since the iPhone started coming with a Retina display, iPhone-only apps started supporting apps at 960×640. These app assests were then used to enhance the viewing experience of non-iPad apps on Retina tablets. With iOS 7 beta 3, the capability has been enabled for iPads that don’t have Retina displays, like the iPad mini and iPad 2. It has been noted that users are no longer presented the ‘1x and 2x’ toggle, apps are opened in ‘2x’ mode by default on non-Retina iPads. That’s not the case with Retina display touting iPads, where the toggles are still shown.

Its good to see that Apple has brought this capability to these tablets, there already are jailbreak tweaks out there that effectively offer the same functionality. However since iOS 7 is still is beta mode, it remains to be seen whether this makes the final cut or not.

Source: [Macrumors]

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