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iOS 7.1 bug enables users to hide native applications

A new bug has been discovered in Apple’s latest firmware update which can be used to hide native iOS applications in plain sight.


Apple only released iOS 7.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a few weeks back, the update brought several new features, visual tweaks as well as many bug fixes. But it seems like Apple left in a massive oversight that allows for bundled iOS applications to be hidden.

iOS doesn’t allow users to put folders inside a folder. They can create as many folders as they want and place as many apps as they want in them, but they can’t put folders inside other folders. Apart from letting people hide native iOS applications like Compass or Stocks in plain sight on the Home screen, this bug also lets them place folders in other folders.

[youtube id="2MunWEIH1OA" width="620" height="360"]

Apps that this bug hides aren’t deleted. This is simply a glitch in the software that quite literally makes them invisible. It’s not permanent either. If the iOS device is rebooted the hidden apps reappear as due to the reboot, the device’s SpringBoard gets reset. This bug can come in handy for users who don’t like certain native apps to take up space on the Home screen. There’s nothing else one can do with native apps since Apple doesn’t allow users to delete them. Hiding apps that are rarely used can free up space, albeit only until the device is restarted. 

The steps to use this bug to hide applications and place folders within folders are described in the video. Bear in mind that Apple is likely to fix this in an upcoming update, though seeing how it has just went through with a major release, it will take quite some time before another iOS update is ready.

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