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Introducing Evergreen’s password lock USB storage

Evergreen can protect you files from being accessed without your permission with their new Password Lock USB memory storage sticks.

Password-like protection systems for USB drives are already available everywhere. But there is a particular scarcity for USB storage devices that can be actually “sealed” with a password. Fortunately though, Japanese company Evergreen presents us with a somewhat innovative and strange USB storage device that allows you to protect your files using a good old password.

The Password Lock USB Memory Storage, as seen in the image looks like a micro-feature phone that has a USB plug. It has an LCD display and a standard number pad set in the main body of the device. There are no details given on how passwords are made and saved, but it is capable of storing 8-digit passwords in it. When it is plugged on a PC, it can automatically disconnect properly after a set time period (5 to 20 minutes). The device can tolerate up to 6 wrong password inputs, and if it goes over the limit, it will start reformatting the unit, erasing all data saved inside the device. As for its technical specs, its storage capacity is 8GB, supports USB 2.0 connectivity and weighs at around 22 grams.

The item is currently available at the Shanghai Donya online store for 1999 yen (25 USD). It is sold under the advanced items category, and will have different service support (compared to other items) for purchasing customers.

While the concept of the device looks pretty neat, we just can’t help but wonder about what would happen if things go wrong witth it. We just hope at least that its users won’t accidently lock themselves up, or erase their files unintentionally, in case they forgot their USB stick's password.

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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