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Internet Explorer commands 58.38 percent browser market share

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to dominate over Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, holding a market share bigger than the shares of the other two combined.


Popular quips such as “Internet Explorer is only good for downloading other browsers” have little relation to the real world, where Microsoft’s browser commands a whopping 58.38 percent of market share.

Data released by market research firm Net Applications for the month of June has revealed that Internet Explorer is used by over 58.38 percent of users, giving it a considerable lead over Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which hold the second and third position with 19.34 and 15.54 percent share respectively. Other browsers including Opera, Safari, and Maxthon account for 22.46 percent of the share.

Internet Explorer 8, the default browser on Windows 7, is used by 21.25 percent users, (up from 20.83 percent in May), a good indication of just how widespread Windows 7 itself continues to be. Up next is Internet Explorer 11, which is used by 17.01 percent of users, followed by Internet Explorer 9 and 10 at 6.37 and 9.03 percent share.

Internet Explorer’s high market share is not too surprising. Being the default browser on the world’s most-used desktop (and laptop) operating system helps, and while many would argue that offerings like Chrome and Firefox are better options, the fact remains that most people simply go with what they get out of the box. Furthermore, considering Microsoft has considerably improved Internet Explorer over the last couple of years, it doesn’t look like its dominance will end anytime soon.

Via: Winbeta

 Source: Net Applications

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