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Internet Explorer 10 is good now, according to Microsoft

Over the past several years, Internet Explorer has garnered a reputation of being the browser you use to download other browsers, but now Microsoft is claiming IE10 is actually good.

Internet Explorer is almost universally regarded as a crappy browser. Chrome, Firefox and the other browsers are faster, more secure, more customizable… but that has all changed, according to Microsoft. Internet Explorer 10 has been reworked from the ground up – it is, in essence, a completely new browser.

It seems they haven't been completely oblivious to the criticisms their browser has received, because their new ad campaign, titled "The browser you loved to hate" admits straight out that everyone dislikes IE, but that we should give it a new chance, because things are different now. The promotional website for IE10 is full of praise from various publications, and states that the browser is built for speed and during tests received 29% less malware than Chrome. If this is all true, it's quite promising. Personally, I'll remain skeptical until it proves its worth to me.

Rounding off the promotional campaign is a video ad for the browser which pokes fun at the old IE and the people criticizing it. You can check it out below, it's well worth it:

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